Finding Handmade Glass Pipes and Bongs


Glass blowing is one of the oldest forms of art, and it has been around for millennia. It is possible to locate different kinds of glass blown pipes and bongs. There are different ways that you can locate these items, and the internet is one route to take. The other way to locate hand blown glass pipes and bongs is to look at in person stores. Many glass blowers have stores, where they make their items available. Additionally, a lot of independent glassblowers sell their pipes and bongs at local head shops. This is often good for a first place to look for these items. If you are able to locate hand blown glass pipes and bongs locally, you can eliminate the shipping cost that comes with buying them online. In addition to being visually appealing, handmade glass pipes and bong devices can also be very functional for smoking purposes.

Glass blowers often set up shops in person. These shops often sell a variety of different items. Glass pipes and bongs are a commonly produced item for a lot of glass blowers. They are marketable, and they can include different types of creative and interesting artwork. If there are glass blowers located in your area, visit their store. You can look for glass smoking devices. Often times, you will find a lot of different items there. In many cases, it is cheaper to buy glass smoking devices directly from glass blowers’ stores. A lot of glass blowers will produce a wide array of different smoking devices, such as bubblers and one hitters. These devices can also have some very interesting artwork on them. When you purchase them through the internet, one has to pay shipping costs on the items. This can often add a substantial amount of money. This is particularly true of bongs, which are generally heavier than pipes.

It is also possible to purchase from local glass blowers at many head shops. Glass blowers that produce pipes and bongs often will sell their items to head shops. However, sometimes head shops will markup the price. Still, this can be a good place to look for locally made glass smoking devices. Often times, glass blowers will make a variety of different glass smoking devices. It can be possible to find handmade bowls. However, it is also possible to find handmade one hitters and other types of pipes. In addition to full sized bongs, it is also often possible to find bubblers made by glass blowers at head shops.